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Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues Island

Rodrigues is the small (almost forgotten) and largely unknown sister-island of Mauritius. It lies 600 km to its east and is only 108 km2 in size.

Rodrigues features some magnificent beaches, some fine natural sights, a host of interesting activities as well as its own excellent cuisine.

Caverne Patate is an impressive cave system in the southwest corner. A walk with a local guides leads for about 700 m into this underground tunnel with the stalactites and stalagmites.

Coco Island also known locally as Ile aux Cocos, is one of the 18 islets inside the lagoon. A magnificent sandy beach surrounds the island and the swimming is excellent.

Baie aux Huitres (Oyster Bay) is a small fishermen village named so because it’s shape is that of an oyster. The other story is that the bay was once very rich in Oysters.

The eastern part of the island is a heaven for the beach lovers. The quaint village of Saint Francois has the longest beach of the island. Only a short walk through the pine forest is the small cove of Trou d’Argent which is fine secluded beach – nature pure! It is a must when in Rodrigues.